The Degree of Chevalier is the highest honor that an active DeMolay can receive. This honor also may be granted to a Senior DeMolay. The Degree is a citation for outstanding and marked DeMolay activity and labor. The nominee must be a minimum of 16 years of age, with Executive Officer approval, on January 15th of the year nominated, and have been a member in good standing for at least two years as of that date.

The degree cannot be applied for, and the nominationis made without the knowledge of the DeMolay to be honored. The unanimous vote of DeMolay International at its regular Session is required to elect a nominee.

Recommendations are made by Advisory Councils to the Executive Officer of the jurisdiction. Nomination forms are available from the Executive Officer. The nominations must be received by the Executive Officer’s deadline. Each year a nomination fee is established by the Grand Secretary. The fee covers processing and regalia. Submit fee with completed nomination form to the Executive Officer. The investiture ceremony must take place within one year from the date of election.

The following men have been honored by Elizabethtown Chapter with this Degree (name followed by year):

A. Nathaniel Croumer, 1994

Nathan P. Johnson, 1994

Michael D. Martin, 1994

Mark G. Tracy, 1994

Kirk A. Kreider, 1995

Robert R. Nye, 1995

Jason P. Chalecki, 1996

Gregory M. Kwiatkowski, 1996

Stephen T. Decker, 1997

Jeffrey R. Kline, 1997

Justin D. Lathia, 1998

Gregory M. Schaeffer, 1998

Brandon J. Hill, 2000

David B. Kline, 2000

Kevin D. Luy, 2000

Christopher M. Fry, 2001

Shawn A. Nichols, 2001

Justin D. Killian, 2002

Stephen L. Prazenica, 2002

Joshua J. Chaudoin, 2004

Nicholas C. Chaudoin, 2004

David A. Labagh, 2005

Christopher B. Setnar, 2005

Stephen R. Logan, 2006

Scott A. Smith, 2006

Shawn M. Vulatic, 2006

Michael L. Brown, 2007

Michael R. Labagh, 2007

Christian V. Louer, 2007

Brandon R. Detter, 2008

Daniel J. Bryan, 2008

Kyle A. Cleis, 2010

Matthew R. Eberts, 2010

Mackenzie Kauffman, 2012

Jordan Specht, 2012

Thomas Rowles, 2012

Alex M. Spence, 2015

Lucas R. Sellers, 2015

Jacob A.K. Beers, 2016

Evan R. Crawford, 2016