Past Master Councilors

DeMolay Chapters are led by a Master Councilor who assumes the roll of President of the local Chapter. The Master Councilor is responsible for planning and executing events, running meetings, and budgeting the Chapter’s funds. In DeMolay, the Master Councilor is the true head of the Chapter. While the Advisors are there to help and assist, it is the Master Councilor who charts the course of the Chapter. The following men have led Elizabethtown Chapter as Master Councilor:

A. Nathaniel Croumer, 1991-1992

Michael D. Martin, 1992

Nathan P. Johnson, 1992-1993

Mark G. Tracy, 1993

Robert R. Nye, 1993-1994

Gregory M. Kwiatkowski, 1994

Jason P. Chalecki, 1994-1995

Jeffrey R. Kline, 1995

Stephen T. Decker, 1995-1996

Jeffrey R. Kline, 1996

Gregory M. Schaeffer, 1996-1997

Jason E. Hughes, 1997

David B. Kline, 1997-1998

Kevin D. Luy, 1998

John W. Croumer, 1998-1999

Christopher M. Fry, 1999-2000

Stephen L. Prazenica, 2000

Scott C. DeRoo, 2000-2001

Christopher M. Fry, 2001

Justin D. Killian, 2001-2002

Stephen R. Logan, 2002

Nicholas C. Chaudoin, 2002-2003

David A. Labagh, 2003

Christopher B. Setnar, 2003-2004

Brandon R. Detter, 2004

Shawn A. Vulatic, 2004-2005

Michael R. Labagh, 2005

Christian V. Louer, 2005-2006

Michael L. Brown, 2006

Jeremy A. Wilt, 2006-2007

Kyle A. Cleis, 2007

Matthew R. Eberts, 2007-2008

Jordan E. Specht, 2008

Daniel J. Bryan, 2008-2009

Andrew R. Stueckroth, 2009

Thomas C. Rowles, 2009-2010

Ian F. Krizer, 2010

Jordan E. Specht, 2010-2011

Thomas C. Rowles, 2011

Jarrid B., 2011-2012

Alex S., 2012

Ethan C., 2012-2013

Lucas S., 2013

Alex S., 2013-2014

Jake B., 2014

Gabe L., 2014-2015

Evan C., 2015

Alex/Lucas/Jake/Gabe/Evan/Blake, 2015-2016

Blake A., 2016

Timothy N., 2016-2017