Dodgeball for Dyslexia


The Dodgeball for Dyslexia tournament, benefitting the Children’s Dyslexia Centers, is entering its third year, and it is going to be three times as AWESOME. Getting involved and helping out can be done in three simple steps!


1.    Raise some money for the charity! In order to participate, your chapter must raise $75 to cover the registration fee, but don’t stop there. The team who raises the most money will win the SILVER DODGEBALL!


2.     Assemble a team! Grab 6-10 of your friends to join you in your quest of winning the coveted GOLDEN DODGEBALL! Submit the application as early as possible.

3.    Get Excited! For ultimate success, it’s best to have high spirits. After all, you are having fun and helping a charity at the same time. The team with the most team spirit will win the BRONZE DODGEBALL!

Sign up here!

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