As with any organization, it’s the people that make the difference. The following persons are currently serving Elizabethtown Chapter as officers or adult leaders:


Master Councilor – Kody A.

Senior Councilor – Blake A.
Junior Councilor – Adam B.Leadership-abstract-007

Senior Deacon – Holden G.
Junior Deacon – Todd S.
Senior Steward – Martin S.
Junior Steward – Peyton G.
Chaplain – Tanner G.
Marshal – Grady C.
Standard Bearer – Matt G.
Scribe – Tim N.
Treasurer – Jake B.
1st Preceptor – Patrick E.
2nd Preceptor – Calieb W.
3rd Preceptor – Alex S.
4th Preceptor – Evan C.
5th Preceptor – Calvin S.
6th Preceptor – Logan B.
7th Preceptor – Colin S.


Chapter Chairman – “Dad” Christopher Fry
Chapter Advisor – “Dad” Jesse Spence